Eurovision 2006 Superlatives

We started doing our Superlatives posts in earnest back in 2011 (although, randomly, we did a Semifinals superlatives post in 2009). As we look back at our 10 years of Eurovision blogging, we decided it would be fun to write up Superlatives posts for 2006-2010. Plus it gives us an excuse to watch the Eurovision Finals from 2006-2010 yet again.

  • Least persuasive call to give a little: Switzerland
  • Best Razr scooter product placement: Moldova
  • Least inspirational gospel breakdown: Israel
  • Most tonal shifts… literally: Latvia
  • Best display of spoils that Vikings looted from Ireland: Norway
  • Most compelling reason to put mustard on hot dogs: Spain
  • Most emphatic response to the question “Do you schlager?”: Malta
  • Most in need of a Nudie suit: Germany
  • Most likely to force Chubby Checker to reevaluate his place in music history: Denmark
  • Most practical ballerina storage solution: Russia
  • Most blatant rip-off of the previous winning entry: Macedonia
  • Best manifestation of Plato’s Theory of Eurovision Song Forms: Romania
  • Most unexpected tribute to Norway’s 1976 Eurovision entry: Hari Mata Hari from Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • The LT United Award for most self-aware entry: Lithuania
  • Best hip hop from the streets of Knightsbridge: United Kingdom
  • Most desperate ode to co-dependence: Greece
  • Most… just the most: Finland
  • Best Shakira impression: Ukraine
  • Worst throwback to when it was just a Song Contest: France
  • Jauntiest Balkan entry: Croatia
  • Song whose premise is most easily disproved: Ireland
  • Best mash-up of ABBA and Wicked: Sweden
  • Best throwback to Studio 54: Turkey
  • Best re-purposing of office furniture: Armenia
  • Most likely to get there, popular: Finland

Originally published 23 September 2015