Eurovision 2009 Superlatives

We have warm memories of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest.  It’s a high water mark for the Contest, chock full of great songs and amazing performances (and also whatever the hell it was that Belgium and Czech Republic sent). Plus, it was also the first time we hosted a Eurovision party. We’ve been getting our friends hooked on it ever since.

We did a Superlatives post for the 2009 Semifinal, but for some reason we never followed up with one for the Final. Let’s rectify that now.

  • Best Alicia Keys impression: Lithuania
  • Most genuine plea for peace, love, and understanding: Israel
  • “Move and let me show you how it’s done” award: France
  • Singer who is clearly the most happy to be there: Malena Ernman, Sweden
  • Weirdly oiliest performance: Croatia
  • Most joyful acid trip: Portugal
  • “And then there’s a dolphin” award for most random background image: Iceland
  • Least necessary shirt: Greece
  • Best Armenians with frickin’ laser beams: Armenia
  • Staging that best captures how we feel watching the performance (see, because it gets old fast): Russia
  • Most eyerolls: Azerbaijan (seven)
  • Best mash-up of American, Russian and French Revolution iconography: Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Least utilized guy with a staff: Moldova
  • Most intergalactic: Malta
  • Most planetary: Estonia
  • The Eric Saade Award for most palpable sense of relief at the end of the song: Denmark
  • Best reason to completely reevaluate what you want from the Eurovision Song Contest: Germany
  • Tina Karol Award for best Shakira impression: Turkey
  • Kejsi Tola Award for best Disco Gumby: Albania
  • Most foregone conclusion: Norway
  • The Svetlana Loboda Award for least subtle sexual innuendo: Ukraine
  • The Other Svetlana Loboda Award for “more is more” staging: Ukraine
  • Best performance by wood nymphs on a hen do: Romania
  • Best audition for Sugababes: United Kingdom
  • Most schlagerrifc urban blight: Finland
  • Best cover of the 2005 Macedonian entry: Spain
  • Most likely to get there, popular: Norway

Originally published 30 September 2015