FYR Macedonia’s Eurovision 2013 Entry

FYR Macedonia originally presented “Imperija” as their 2013 Eurovision entry. Apparently, reaction to Esma & Lozano’s effort was so toxic that the Macedonian delegation withdrew it, and they’ve replaced it with “Pred Da Se Razdeni.”

“Pred Da Se Radzdeni” is a vast improvement over “Imperija.” It follows a Balkan pop template at first, but Esma enters and brings an ethereal quality to the song that I find very effective. Lozano is a bit bland, but he’s a good singer, and carries “Pred Da Se Radzdeni” well. I don’t think this is going to one of those songs that I seek out when looking for Eurovision tracks to listen too, but it’s certainly one that I won’t mind hearing when it comes on. I am looking forward to seeing how they stage it.

2 thoughts on “FYR Macedonia’s Eurovision 2013 Entry

  1. Huh. Goes to show how different opinions can be – pretty much every other Eurovision page I visit cites the withdrawal of “Imperija” as a really bad move on Macedonia’s part, and pretty much everyone seems to hate the new song. And “everyone” in this context includes Esma, apparently, who hates being reduced to a glorified background singer (and seems to believe that her country isn’t ready to be represented by a Roma going it alone, to boot).

    Also, the “toxic reactions” came mostly from within Macedonia and from Greece. The former I can sort of understand influencing your song choice; the latter is just bull. I can’t see Azerbaijan pulling a song because Armenia disapproved of it, and Georgia stood by their 2009 entry even when it became clear that it wouldn’t be permitted in Moscow.

    • Maybe part of our reaction comes from being separated from Europe. Aside from knowing the issues between Macedonia and Greece, I wouldn’t understand what issues there would be from “Imperija”, although I could guess from the title, I suppose.

      Esma being mad that she’s a glorified back-up singer, I can totally understand. Jennifer and I were talking about this yesterday. Either you make Esma the representative or you make Lozano the representative: their two styles are quite different. I think they make the best of what they have “Pred Da Se Razdeni”, but really they should have picked one or the other.

      On a visceral level, though, I thought “Imperija” sounded like mess, so aesthetically, I like “Pred Da Se Razdeni”. But I can understand the other opinions out there.

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