Moldova (Eurovision 2007 Preview)

Natalia Barbu: “Fight”

I feel bad for Natalia because she has to follow Switzerland’s number. Although this, like “Vampires Are Alive,” is gothy electronica. Her vocal goes out of control at the end, which could be perilous when she’s performing live.

Switzerland (Eurovision 2007 Preview)

DJ Bobo: “Vampires Are Alive”

This song is really, really, really, really, really, really stupid. So stupid. Really, seriously stupid. It’s pure Eurotrash, so I of course adore it. It’s like the Battlefield Earth of Eurovision songs: it’s so awful, you can’t help but enjoy it.

Belarus (Eurovision 2007 Preview)

Koldun: “Work Your Magic”

Wow, there are some really awful lyrics in this one. For example, “Welcome to the night/And you will see you’ve got the magic power/I am on my way, I keep the key to your tower.” Also for example, “You set my beating heart in motion/When you cast your loving potion over me.”

Musically, it has a generic James Bond theme feel to it, which… doesn’t help at all. Neither does the high note Koldun hits at the end. Wow.

Israel (Eurovision 2007 Preview)

Teapacks: “Push The Button”

I wonder if this song, a darkly humorous number about nuclear apocalypse, provides any insight into the current situation in the Middle East. If you’ve never heard Hebrew rap before, now you have an opportunity. The song is not very good, but it clocks in well short of the three minute limit.