Belgium (Eurovision 2007 Preview)

The KMG’s: “LovePower”

I was hoping this was a cover of the song Dick Shawn sings in The Producers. KMG stands for “Krazy Mess Groovers.” Judging from their song, the K in Krazy stands for “Kool and the Gang.” I hate admitting this, but I enjoyed it, right down to the electronic voice box breakdown near the end.

Hungary (Eurovision 2007 Preview)

Magdi Rúzsa: “Unsubstantial Blues”

This year’s best song title. (Yes, better than “Vampires Are Alive.”) “Unsubstantial Blues” is indeed bluesy, although it has a strong country influence on it too. Magdi’s got a smoky, raspy voice that suits the song well. I don’t know how well this will fly with the European viewers at home, but I dig it.

Czech Republic (Eurovision 2007 Preview)

Kabát: “Malá Dáma”

Surprisingly, this is Czech Republic’s Eurovision debut. Kabát is a rocker, and the vocals have baritone under-dubs to make the song sound vaguely menacing. I’m willing to bet that if you replaced the guitars with synths and the tenor and bass vocals with sopranos, you would get a pretty generic Eurovision track. Fairly forgettable.